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Last updated: 11.01.2010 09:00 GMT
11.01.2010 09:00 GMT Ralf removes one pawn from his 12/66 tournament entry and that is enough for a new record for 11 units: 11/64!
07.01.2010 18:02 GMT Arno Tüngler and Václav Kotesovec have found a new record for 5 units: 5/19!!!
06.01.2010 10:25 GMT Mario also sends a cook for Ivan's 12/73*!
06.01.2010 09:37 GMT Václav Kotesovec sends a beautiful 5/18, with a new play and mating position!
06.01.2010 06:11 GMT Arno cooks Ivan's 12/73*!
06.01.2010 00:40 GMT The results are now posted here!
06.01.2010 23:59 GMT The end of the tournament! The results will be posted in a few minutes!
05.01.2010 23:00 GMT One hour left!
05.01.2010 20:23 GMT Ralf finds a second 7/38*!
05.01.2010 13:32 GMT Ivan sends a C+ 12/67* as reserve for his 12/73*!
05.01.2010 06:57 GMT Ján also finds a 6/30!
05.01.2010 00:00 GMT Last day of the tournament!
04.01.2010 15:26 GMT And another partially verified entry from Ivan, a 11/62*, slight improvement over his previous 11/61.
04.01.2010 06:25 GMT Ralf and Ivan sent yesterday two amazing findings: first Ralf a 12/66, then Ivan a 12/73*!!! Those two entries have been partially verified by WinChloe over 16 hours, and no short solutions have been found. In accordance to the tournament rules, if at the end of the tournament not all entries are confirmed to be C+, provisional results will be posted and extra time will be allocated for further verification, before the results will become final.
04.01.2010 03:45 GMT Ján improves with a 17/76!
03.01.2010 23:00 GMT And we have a new 11-units record! Itamar finds a very elaborate 11/63*! More news to follow soon!
03.01.2010 18:45 GMT Three long and complex problems are currently lined up for verification, and WinChloe needs a lot of time for the first one (4 hours and counting)! As a result, there will be delays in updating the standings. Stay tuned!
03.01.2010 01:45 GMT Ralf also sends a 11/62 (which is better than his previous 11/61*, but is not better than his new 10/62, therefore, if it stands, this is not going to be an official 11-units move length-record), a situation not foreseen before the start of the tournament! After careful consideration, we have decided to accept this entry. For this tournament, besides the general goal of finding the length record for each number of total force, each composer tries to find their best entry for each subcategory, in turn receiving tournament points which count towards the overall standings and prizes. In this context, an entry received will not be evaluated against entries from other subcategories.
02.01.2010 23:35 GMT And Ralf delivers a big surprise! He pulverizes the previous 10-unit record with an unbelievable 10/62!!! As a result, he gets very close to the 2nd place! The last three days of the tournament are going to be very, very interesting!
02.01.2010 23:16 GMT Ivan shows the same, by finding a new record for 11 units! 11/61!
02.01.2010 22:10 GMT Ralf demonstrates that everything is still yet possible! He finds a new record for 9 units: 9/51*!
02.01.2010 00:37 GMT Ivan finds a very nice 12/66*!
01.01.2010 16:07 GMT Ján follows with 14/70*!
01.01.2010 09:03 GMT Ralf continues with 11/61*!!
01.01.2010 06:34 GMT Ralf sends his first 2010 entry, a 10/57*!
01.01.2010 00:58 GMT First entry of the new year (well, it is still 2009 here in Toronto!...)! Ján improves with 12/63*!
01.01.2010 00:00 GMT Happy New Year!!
31.12.2009 23:24 GMT Ralf is also active during the last few minutes of 2009 and improves with 12/65*!
31.12.2009 22:20 GMT Ján sends three new entries: 10/56*, 11/59 and 12/61*!
31.12.2009 19:33 GMT Itamar also reaches 104 moves, with a beautiful 21/104!!!
31.12.2009 08:19 GMT Frank also finds a 5/18.
31.12.2009 03:37 GMT Arno continues his ascension with 8/46* and 9/49!
31.12.2009 00:00 GMT Half of the tournament!
30.12.2009 20:34 GMT Ivan consolidates his 2nd place position with four new entries, 7/38*, 10/57*, 11/61* and 12/62*, helping Arno at the same time to advance to 3rd place!
30.12.2009 20:18 GMT Itamar improves once more with a 19/99!
30.12.2009 20:08 GMT Itamar improves with 18/97!
30.12.2009 13:41 GMT Dmitry continues with 5/18!
29.12.2009 15:54 GMT Arno sends four more entries: 6/30, 7/38*, 9/49* and 10/57*!
29.12.2009 14:37 GMT Ján finds a nice 11/46!
29.12.2009 09:03 GMT And Arno is the first to break the 100-moves barrier, with an incredible 21/104!!!
29.12.2009 06:46 GMT Arno improves with 11/61!
29.12.2009 01:50 GMT Welcome to a new competitor, Dmitry Zhilko! He starts very strongly with 6/30 and 7/38*!
29.12.2009 01:38 GMT And it gets even more interesting! Arno reacts very quickly, finds another beautiful matrix and improves with a 18/91*!! Who will be the first to reach 100 moves?! Arno also finds two other nice entries: 11/60* and 12/66*!
28.12.2009 20:46 GMT Less than 4 days into the tournament and we are already almost running out of superlatives! On the overall move-length record front, Itamar fights back and regains the lead with the most beautiful entry received so far: a 19/96!!!
28.12.2009 20:41 GMT Mario improves with a 6/23!
28.12.2009 07:04 GMT Arno now holds the overall length record: a remarkable 76 moves (20/76*), with a brilliant matrix!
28.12.2009 06:46 GMT Ralf continues with 9/49*!
27.12.2009 18:14 GMT Ralf expands his searches and sends a nice 6/30!
27.12.2009 16:07 GMT Itamar finds two new records for positions with 8 and 9 units: 8/47* and 9/50*! As a result, he currently has a perfect score: 27 points!
27.12.2009 13:22 GMT Frank finds a 10/46!
27.12.2009 11:24 GMT Mario finds a 6/21.
27.12.2009 04:20 GMT Itamar has consolidated his position as the overall leader with 3 amazing new entries: 10/57*, 11/61* and 12/66*!! He also improves hors-concours with a new overall length record: 17/73*!
26.12.2009 22:42 GMT Ivan sends two new entries: 6/28 and 7/33.
26.12.2009 22:25 GMT Ralf also finds a 7/38*!
26.12.2009 19:14 GMT Frank follows with a 6/21 and a 7/28*.
26.12.2009 18:03 GMT Ralf finds a very nice 12/55!
26.12.2009 18:00 GMT We would like to answer a question regarding the legality of the final position! Within the framework of the tournament, a composition like 7b/8/8/8/8/8/KrqP4/3k4, ser-!#9, 1.Ka2-a1 2.d2-d4 3.d4-d5 4.d5-d6 5.d6-d7 6.d7-d8=B 7.Bd8-e7 8.Be7-a3 9.Ka1b2 !#, is acceptable. The initial position is legal (the last move was a capture on b2), there are no checks (or self-checks, for that matter!), and after the last move of the series White is in a checkmate position. The final position would have been illegal if the last move was made by Black, which is not the case. This may be in contradiction with what one might deduce from the German definition of Eigenmatt found at (the Google translation is far from being perfect!), but it complies with the WinChloe's implementation of the stipulation, which is the norm for this tourney.
26.12.2009 16:22 GMT Mario finds a 5/18 and Arno a 4/11!
26.12.2009 15:36 GMT Itamar has a very productive day: 6/30, 7/38*, 8/46*, 9/49 and 11/55*!
26.12.2009 10:32 GMT Welcome to Ján Golha! His first entry is a 10/40!
26.12.2009 10:19 GMT Ralf finds another beautiful 5/18!
26.12.2009 09:14 GMT Welcome to Mario Richter! His first entry is a 4/11!
26.12.2009 06:29 GMT Arno finds a 6/21*.
26.12.2009 03:21 GMT Welcome to Arno Tüngler! He also finds a 5/18!
26.12.2009 01:22 GMT Gilles follows with a 5/18!
25.12.2009 23:29 GMT And another new competitor! Siegfried Hornecker joins the club with a 5/18!
25.12.2009 22:37 GMT Ivan also moves to higher ground with a 8/46* and 9/49!
25.12.2009 19:58 GMT Welcome to Frank Müller! His first entries are a 4/11* (king in check) and a 5/16!
25.12.2009 18:46 GMT Itamar continues to impress with a 12/58 and a 17/72 (hors-concours, C+)
25.12.2009 17:44 GMT Itamar makes a huge leap forward with an incredible 10/54!!
25.12.2009 17:01 GMT Ivan also finds a 4/11 and a 5/18!
25.12.2009 14:30 GMT Welcome to Ivan Skoba and Gilles Regniers. They both start with a 4/11* (king in check)!
25.12.2009 06:06 GMT Welcome to Ralf Krätschmer! He starts with a 4/11* (king in check)!
25.12.2009 03:37 GMT Itamar finds a 4/11 and a 5/18!
25.12.2009 02:54 GMT Itamar already improves with a 4/11* (king in check)!
25.12.2009 01:45 GMT Welcome to Itamar Faybish! He breaks the ice with a 4/10!
25.12.2009 00:00 GMT Start of the tournament! Good luck to all participants!